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In the very South of France, come and discover the natural treasures of our 4 territories, where the Pyrenees Mountains dive into the Mediterranean Sea. Trough 5 different offers, you will be invited by farmers, artisans, guides and chefs to meet, learn, visit and taste the richness of this beautiful landscapes.

“Balade Gourmande entre Mar i Munt”  [Gourmet walk between sea and mountain in French]
Located in the territory of the Aspres, it is a 1-daytrip. Visitors are led during a hiking to gather aromatic plants and discover the wonderful landscape. They have lunch in a emblematic town to discover a traditional Mar I Munt meal. The trip ends with a visit of cellars and a tasting of Byrrh (a local aperitif).
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“Les Vignobles des Aspres entre Mar i Munt”  [The Aspres’ vineyard between sea and mountain in French]
Also located in the territory of the Aspres, it is a 1-daytrip too. The visitors are led during an electric-bicycle ride to discover the high landscape and to meet winemakers. After a Mar i Munt lunch, the visitor will attest a wine tasting lesson.
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“Descobriu els sabors del Vallespir” [Discover the flavours of Vallespir in Catalan]
Located in the territory of the Vallespir, it is a 2-days-trip. Through an electric bicycle ride, visitors discover different faces and food products of the territory, depending on the season: cherries, chestnuts, mushrooms… They will also taste local alcohols, like Purro and learn how to cook a Mar i Munt meal during a culinary workshop.
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“De Vagues en Crêtes »     [From Waves to Ridges un French]
Located in the territory of Banyuls-sur-Mer, it is a 1-daytrip. This one is the most sportive offer. The trip starts in the mountain with an electric bicycle ride to admire the fantastic view of the Mediterranean. After the descent to the harbour, visitors have a Mar I munt lunch. To finalize, visitors go for a sea-kayak ride to admire, this time, the amazing mountains that dive in the sea.
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“Circuit Mar i Munt” [Sea and Mountain circuit in French and Catalan]
This 2-days-trip goes across the 4 territories of the Pays Pyrénées Méditerranée. Transported in a mini-bus, visitors visit 6 different farms, cellars and artisans workshop. At each stop, they discover another amazing face of the territory and they pick ingredients. The ingredients are brought to chefs. 2 gastronomic menus and 1 culinary workshop with a starred chef are included in this delighted trip.
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