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Kras Carso Food Tour - A unique journey into experiencing the taste of the authentic Karst

The culinary tour is taken place at the Karst region which lies above the Bay of Trieste, where the Adriatic Sea curves into the land. Its most attractive natural treasures are seen in the mysterious underground world, in its numerous karst caves, but special adventures offer a walk through the villages of the Karst and the surrounding area and products, especially Karst prosciutto and Teran, a typical local wine.
In this culinary experience members of Planta Association invite you to their homeland to reveal and offer you the real, authentic Carsic beauties and delicacies. You will be invited to the vineyard, the closed carsic house yard called “borjač” and in the kitchen, the vine cellar and at the table, generously laid out with home made and local delicacies. Several professional culinary providers from different smaller karstic settlements are included in the offer covering various topics and types (from traditional to modernized) of delicious Karstic food freshly made by local ingridients. There are 4 main topics to be experienced: herbs, prosciutto (raw ham) making, wine tasting and culinary. The shorthes culinary experience takes 3-4 hours while the longest takes 9-10 hours and includes wine tasting, cooking class and a degustation menu with 5 courses. 

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