Gastronomic Routes Menja't l'Alt Urgell - SPAIN

Gastronomic Routes Menja't l'Alt Urgell - Discover this region in the Pyrenes Mountains through the local producers and their culinary heritage

The gastronomic routes are taken place in the north of Catalonia (Spain), in the region of Alt Urgell.  The attractive landscape will take visitors to different charming villages surrounded by the impressive Pyrenees mountains.
These routes link different farms from Menja’t l’Alt Urgell association and allow the visitor to know first-hand how and where this agro-food products are produced. The visitor can taste the exquisite products that this land offers: artisan cheese (goat, sheep and cow), mountain wine, sausages, infusions, jams, artisan beer, lavender, local pastry, etc.
There are seven different one-day trip routes all around the territory. For more information:

ROUTE 1. The route of smells and the Trementinaires - Ossera, Tuixent
Discover Ossera through the work of three artisan women. The ecological aromatic plants of Herboristeria Nogué, the artisanal goat cheese from Serrat gros, and the homemade jams of cal Casal. Lunch will be in the village of Tuixent in the restaurants Cal Gabriel or Peritxola. Finish the day with a visit to the Museum of the Trementinaires, and get to know about the women who made healing creams based on aromatic plants.

ROUTE 2. The route of the restoration and safeguarding of Food Heritage - Alàs, Bar, Calbinyà
The route starts at ca l’Andreu, in Alàs, an ecological livestock farm for veal. Then onto the Formatgeria Baridà, in Bar, to visit its workrooms and meet their goats. Lunch will be at cal Serni in the village of Calvinyà, a 15th-century country house where more than 80% of what is consumed is produced in the premises.

ROUTE 3. The route of the heritage and pairing - La Penella, Coll de Nargó, Montanissell
Visit one of the oldest artisan dairies in the region, Castell-llebre in the La Penella farmhouse (Peramola). In the Coll de Nargó, discover the Museum of the Raiers, a now-extinct trade, where there is a tasting of Raiers’ coca from Reig Bakery. In Montanissell, discover the Carisma wine, a high altitude white wine with aromas from the Pyrenees. Lunch will be an array of local products at Cal Borda restaurant.

ROUTE 4. The route of the high altitude products and the dairy producers - Montan de Tost, la Reula
Discover Montan de Tost through visits to Cal Margarit, a lavender production farm, and the Carisma winery, with its high-altitude vines. Lunch will be at the tasting space of the Mas d’Eroles artisanal cheese factory in Adrall. The route ends with a visit to La Reula dairy farm in The Pyrenees.

ROUTE 5. The fermentation route: bread, beer and cheese - Montferrer, Bellestar, Arfa, Adrall
The visit starts at the Montferrer flour museum, which includes machinery from the 19th century. Then onto the Ecofranch farm, which produces cereal, spelt flour, potatoes, and cow milk. Afterwards, there is a guided tour to the VIP craft brewery in Bellestar. Lunch will be at the Mas d’Eroles cheese factory, followed by a visit of its workrooms and cellar.

ROUTE 6. The route of cheeses and artisan chips potatoes - Oliana, Peramola, Masía La Penella
Discover the southern part of the region. In Oliana, visit the farmhouse of the l’Oliva cheese factory and its goat pens, as well as the workshop of the family-owned Sastret’s potato chips business. Lunch will be at La Masia de Peramola restaurant, followed by a visit to the Castell-Llebre cheese factory in the La Penella farmhouse, one of the oldest in the region.

ROUTE 7. Route of the gastronomic heritage in Seu d’Urgell
Discover the region’s capital. In the Espai Ermengol, visit Cooperativa del Cadí to get a taste of one of its cheeses paired with Pyrenean infusions made by l’Infús. Then visit the workrooms of the l’Abadessa cheese factory, located in the old town. Lunch will be at El Rastell, the restaurant of a local sausage producer. The route ends with a visit to the store Menja’t l’Alt Urgell, carrying artisanal products from the whole region.



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