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FROM FARM TO FORK - Discover the Istrian heritage through story of boškarin

By the  position at the very centre of the Istrian peninsula, the Central Istria is proudly having the name "heart of Istria", fulfilled with the unspoiled natural landscapes, rich cultural and culinary heritage and surrounded with gorgeous mediaeval places. It is offering a breathing view on the white-topped mountains, lush wheat fields, plateaux, valleys, vineyards and olive groves on hillsides.
Only few minutes from town of Pazin, at the culturally significant location with a deeply rooted history, on the Gortan Hill is situated the Educational Gastronomy center of Istria, where can visitors have a truly amazing experience.
The gastronomic experience “FROM FARM TO FORK” is designed in a way that tourists start their one-day culinary and sightseeing tour at Gortan Hill in Pazin, with the prior notification of the smaller or larger groups of visitors. Tourists/visitors have the opportunity to actively participate in the experience and after the story about Istrian cattle, they start a journey "along the paths of the Istrian cattle - Boškarin" during which they stop at a farm of Istrian autochthonous breeds (Istrian cattle, donkey, sheep and goat) located nearby. At the end of the farm tour, they return to the Educational Gastronomy Center, where the culinary workshop is held and with the precious help of top-rated chefs they engage in the preparation of traditional Istrian dishes. Afterwards, they enjoy and discuss the dishes they have prepared. For the visitors who want to get aquatinted about the Istrian way of life and to experience the Istria terra magical through the story of Istrian cattle, this gastronomy itinerary is the perfect choice!

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