Wild mushrooms and herbs: a cultural and culinary event - Italy

Project Partner: Rural Development Association (ASR)

Main idea and brief description of the pilot area
To enhance the gastronomic share of the event through a more active involvement of Spoleto's stakeholders (especially the hospitality and restaurant operators). On top of seeing the "Wild mushroom and herbs conference" as an opportunity to increase the knowledge level regarding these natural resources, tourists will start appreciating and attending this event; also as culinary attraction.

Spoleto is one of the largest municipalities located in Umbria, Italy (about 40.000 people). While agriculture covers almost 1/3 of Spoleto's surface, important factories are located within the municipality. However, thanks to its natural and cultural resources, the tourism and the service industry are extremely relevant to the city. Spoleto is a well-known tourism destination, with great potential for becoming an attractor even during the low season.

Activities ASR is working on:
1. Improving cooperation with the Pro Loco of Spoleto (in charge of the event "Mushrooms and wild herbs") and those located in other regions regarding culinary events
2. Building tourism packages/proposals focused on "the conference-exhibit" in cooperation with tourism operators and other actors engaged in the tourism sector
3. Establishing new contacts and cooperation with local stakeholders to maximize the value of mushrooms and herbs as tourism culinary attractions for Spoleto (not only cultural resources - delivery of knowledge and information)
4. Organization of meetings to involve restaurants and hotels in Spoleto in the improvement of the event also through the offer of dedicated menus (with mushrooms and herbs)
5. Increasing the visibility of the "conference - exhibit" also as a tourism/learning opportunity for students
6. Maximization of the study visit to be used as stepping stone for further cooperation aimed at increasing the value of the Conference-exhibit on wild mushroom and herbs organized by the Pro Loco of Spoleto