“Mar y Munt", France

Project Partner: Ecole d'Ingénieurs PURPAN

Main idea and brief description of the pilot area
To create new tourism opportunities located in an institutional area ("Pays Pyrénées Méditerranée") and linked to other activities (such as discovering different natural and cultural attractions by foot or by donkey riding, for example). To improve the touristic offer of this area, "Mar y Munt" foresees the creation of four daily experimental itineraries (summer 2018) and a final one which will last two days (summer 2019). 

In France, the "Pays" were created in 1995 as coherent territories from a geographical, economic and social point of view, where local authorities and socioeconomic stakeholders work together for the sustainable development of these areas. Located in Occitanie Region, the "Pays Pyrénées Méditerranée" involves 58 municipalities in an association. These municipalities are grouped into 4 "Communautés de Communes". The area has about 105,000 inhabitants, and is characterized by a strong diversity of landscapes, cultures and biodiversity at the crossroads between sea and mountain.

Activities EI Purpan is working on:
1. Preparation of pilot activity and exchange about activitiy, preliminar identification of stakeholders
2. Prefiguration of "Mar y Munt" experience, preliminar identification of beneficiaries, conception of experimental experiences to test during the 2018 summer
3. Identification and characterization of "Mar y Munt" actors and resources; territorial diagnosis and final identification of beneficiaries, implementation of experimental experiences
4. Conception of "Mar y Munt" experience: debriefing on experimental experiences, finalisation of "Mar y Munt" experience, implementation of communication support
5. Implementation of the package and experiences, communication, integration of experience in private and public mechanisms
6. Capitalisation and finalization of reports
7. Evaluation of pilot activity