Honey Routes - Cyprus

Project Partner: Troodos Network of Thematic Centers

Main idea and brief description of the pilot area
To grow the tourism appeal of the 9 villages of rural Larnaca and of the Municipality of Lefkara through the creation of a gastronomic itinerary dedicated to honey. This is a key local natural resource highly valued by the local communities and local entrepreneurs engaged in the production of honey-based products. The itinerary will contribute to the diversification of the available tourism products since a Honey & Beekeeping Festival is already organized.

Rural Larnaca is made of 17 small villages with unique atchitecture, agricultural products and gastronomy. The dominant and unique activity of its habitats is beekeeping and additionally the area is part of the European Network of Natura 2000.

Activities DITHEKET is working on:
1. Designation of a work team of initiators who will start and lead the entire process
2. Oganization of training, capacity building and structured democratic dialogue
3. Implementing an analysis of the pilot area and identification of the culinary products/resources with development potential, honey and all traditional recipes that are made with honey
4. Mapping and involvement of key local stakeholders
5. Implementation of a structured Democratic Dialogue Process, a deeply reasoned, scientific methodology for large-scale, collaborative design
6. Participatory preparation of the action plan
7. Wide spreading information about the new/improved culinary heritage products (through networks, other similar projects and the media)
8. Implementation and monitoring of the action plan