Gastronomic Tourist Routes - Spain

University of Barcelona (UB)

Main idea and brief description of the pilot area
To create new gastronomic itineraries to attract tourists to Alt Urgell. The key aspect of these routes is that they will directly bring tourists to the farms. Visitors will be able to directly see and engage themselves in the cultivation/transformation process of agro-food products. 

The region, Alt Urgell is, and always has been, one of the poorest areas in Catalonia. Its location in the Northwestern section of the country and on the steep slopes of the Pyrenese mountains explains its relative isolation and late entry into broader national markets. The region is struggling to consolidate its economic development, fostering heritage policies, tourism, and artisanal productions.

Activities UB is working on:
1. Writing a comprehensive proposal that encompasses and includes all the demands and interests stated by the producers and the local administration in the previous field research.
2. Presenting the proposal on spot to the producers, artisans and local administration and get a feedback
3. Making all the necessary modifications to the proposal so all those involved in it feel comfortable and confident about the new approach
4. Organising a meeting to present the final proposal of gastronomic routes to all the actors (producers, mayors of the different villages included on the routes and with the regional administration)
5. Linking the local gastronomic routes with differents tour operators and with the potential audience
6. Developing and implementing a strong communication and advertising campaign (website, promotional video, publicity, social medias...)
7. Testing the gastronomic routes to experience their feasibility with the participation of food/tourism bloggers, writers who can promote the routes.
8. Promoting the routes jointly with the producers and local administrations at different events, fairs, press presentations...