Developing food tour packages in the Karst region - Slovenia

Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU)

Main idea and brief description of the pilot area
To develop food tour packages for visitors who are in search of a boutique tourism experience, high quality food and service. Food tour packages will be of several types / themes and lengths, ranging from a few hours to several-day long programmes. Besides food, the offers will also include other activities involving a broad range of heritage in the Karst region.

The Karst region lies above the Bay of Trieste, where the Adriatic Sea curves into the land. Its most attractive natural treasures are seen in the mysterious underground world, in its numerous karst caves, but special adventures offer a walk through the villages of the Karst and the surrounding area and products, especially Karst prosciutto and Teran, a typical local wine.

Activities ZRC SAZU is working on:
1. Questionnaires, interviews and historical overviews to gather data on the local potential offers
2. Organization of a workshop with selected service providers to start developing culinary packages
3. Browsing the available tourist offers to find similar packages on food tours and creation of appealing texts to develop culinary packages and promotional material
4. Working meetings with an expert to learn how to design tourist products and the creation of foodtour packages
5. Training of service providers to facilitate the presentation and inclusion of heritage in their offers
6. Experiencing the foodtour packages
7. Production of photo/video materials dedicated to the foodtour and creation of a dedicated brochure