B2B meetings for culinary tourism providers and tourism stakeholders - Greece

Project Partner: Technical Institute of Heraklion, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TIHC)

Main idea and brief description of the pilot area
To increase the visibility and sales opportunity of the already available sustainable gatronomic experiences. This means including the SCHEMAs (Sustainable Culinary Heritage Experiences in Mediterranean Areas) identified in Crete (gastronomy class providers, factory tour providers, winemakers offering wine tasting services, alternative tourism providers who offer culinary classes) in the "Pan Cretan Forum for the Introduction of Local Products to Hotels and Product distribution Channels".

In Crete, every spring, the Chamber of Commerce organizes an annual B2B event where local producers and craftsmen discuss with hotel owners and F&B managers and promote their local products to big hotel units and agri-product distribution channels. The event is called "Pan Cretan Forum for the Introduction of Local Products to Hotels and Product Distribution Channels". The event takes place at the International Exhibition Center of Crete and this year (on March 24th 2018) 12,000 B2B meetings took place in one day. The Forum was awarded with the "Special Mentions and Grand Jury Prize" from the European Commission's "Enterprise Promotion Awards" in 2016.

Activities TIHC is working on:
1. Communication with private initiators of SCHEMAs
2. Communication with Tourism Stakeholders (Pancretan Association of Hotel Managers Union of Owners of Rented Appartments and Rooms in Heraklion Perfecture "Filoxenia", Union of Professional Tourist Guides of Crete and Santorini, Union of Hotel Owners of Heraklion Prefecture, Association of Cretan of Tourism and Travel Agencies.
3. Coordination with Chamber's Forum Organizers
4. B2B meetings
5. Meetings with culinary tourism initiators to improve the pilot activity and make it more beneficial for them
6. Meetings and preparation for 2019 pilot activity with Tourism Stakeholders in order to discuss ways of improving the pilot activity and maximizing the positive outcome both for the tourism stakeholders and the culinary tourism initiators.