Why we joined the project?


"Purpan engineering school trains each year approximately 180 engineers who are called upon to work in the world of farming and in the food-processing sector, in fields as diverse as research, teaching, marketing, sales, supply chain, management or communication. MEDFEST project is for Purpan school an opportunity to strengthen its visibility and its international recognition. Besides, the valuation of food resources and the development of fragile rural territories are central subjects at Purpan : farmers are indeed at the heart of the implementation of sustainable culinary experiences."


"The establishment of a Sustainable Gastronomic Tourism Destination based on the Mediterranean Diet theme is fundamental to consolidate the local development work that In Loco Association has been doing for three decades in Portugal. This theme is the logical corollary of several integrated strategies for valuing gastronomy, local quality products, cultural identity, rural heritage, handicrafts and nature, converging in the form of genuine experiences were visitants can enjoying a timeless lifestyle, where a whole territory is proudly shared by local communities. Cooperation between MEDFEST partners will be very important for the quality and final consistency of the results achieved. The consolidation and integration of this destination into a European constellation of similar MEDFEST experiences represents an excellent opportunity for international promotion and enhancement of Mediterranean cultural and natural values at the international level, contributing to their conservation and sustainability."


"The island of Crete is one of the major touristic destinations in the Mediterranean region, receiving an influx of approximately 4 million visitors on an annual basis. The majority of the touristic activities offered and promoted are located at the saturated coastline, excluding thus the rural areas from any potential sustainable touristic development. The reasons why the Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry has joined the MEDFEST partnership were the promotion of sustainable tourism in the rural areas of Crete, the know-how on diversifying the touristic product, the elaboration of a strategy on reducing the seasonality of the touristic influxes and the projection and preservation of the Cretan culinary heritage, especially the scientifically proved benefits of the Cretan Diet. Through this project we want to show stakeholders related to tourism industry, how to further diversify their touristic packages and attract visitors throughout the year in a sustainable way through the cultural and environmental assets of the Cretan hinterland."


"In the last years, through the Observatory of Food (ODELA-Univ.of Barcelona), we observe an increase of social interest on gastronomic heritages as a tool helping the economic and territorial development of the Mediterranean areas. The challenge is how to convert this process into a sustainable experience. This is the reason that the University of Barcelona didn't hesitate to be involved and become adhered to MEDFEST project. In the ODELA-UB we work academically to valorize the food heritage, the local purchasing, and the experience in all the stages of the agro-alimentary chain (production, distribution, and consumption). The objectives of MEDFEST are very similar to ours and we value strongly the opportunity that MEDFEST gives us for an interdisciplinary work and the international dimension that this project involves."


"Mediterranean area is commonly represented by sea, sand and sun, but from our point of view ‘3S’ is not enough - our research group tries to enrich this story with other assets.  In the MEDFEST project we are going to collect practical knowledge on sustainable culinary experiences and learn on social innovations in this filed. We'll support local communities design and organize successful sustainable culinary experiences which will bring them satisfaction and economic benefit as well.  Our methodology is share - cooperate - learn. We'll try to implement it within the partnership, local stakeholders and wider MED community."


"Since the day AZRRI was founded, culture, gastronomy and tradition to us have represented the perfect combination for sustainable development. We believe that opportunities don't just happen, we must seek them. This is why in (the) MEDFEST project we will embrace all challenges that come our way. The reason why we joined the project is our persistence to develop the Mediterranean in a more sustainable way by leaning on local resources, especially its rich gastronomic heritage. The broad partnership, with day to day small efforts and collaboration with our stakeholders, we believe is the best way to ensure a successful project."


"The cooperation area is rich in unique and healthy agro-food products, culinary traditions and events linked to them. Understanding and maximizing their potentialities is extremely important for our association since it will allow us to better support the rural communities we work with to become appealing tourism destinations. Thanks to MEDFEST and to the cooperation established with the rest of the partners, local key actors and stakeholders  we will able to turn gastronomy into a sustainable development factor, capable of attracting people to inland territories also during low tourism season."


"The core and the essence of Troodos Network is Thematic Tourism , which is based on four Pillars-Culture-Heritage-Gastronomy and Nature. A part of our work is to discover, preserve and promote the most authentic and unique recipes and rituals of each village and integrate them into Tourism packages so that we create unique experiences, full of the flavour and the unique products of each region. MEDFEST will provide a new platform for us extending our research deeper, promoting gastronomy as a part of our heritage beyond the borders of our small island into European level, enriching the thematic tourism packages and safeguarding the wealth of our cultural heritage through the generations to come. Our cultural heritage is our unique identity, our inner strenght , our intangible wealth and our pride and this is what MEDFEST will help us to safeguard."