Why & How

MEDFEST is tackling the challenge of diversifying traditional 'sun & sea' tourist destinations, with new and sustainable products based on rich and renowned culinary heritage of the Mediterranean. In so doing, increasing the sustainability and quality of life in MED space.

MED space abounds with long and diverse culinary traditions that embody the rich cultural heritage of the area. This is evident by the addition of the Mediterranean diet to the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. MEDFEST will make use of the former by creating new sustainable tourist destinations involving around the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean, in addition to enhancing community prosperity and improving the quality of life in rural areas.

The project's objective is to create tools and instruments for designing new sustainable culinary experiences, which will be offered to visitors to:

  1. diversify the tourism sector in terms of its products and seasonality
  2. bring tourism development to the coastal hinterland;
  3. safeguard culinary heritage for future generations.

To acheive the stated objectives, the project will produce the following outputs:

  • tools for enhancing sustainable tourist destinations by using culinary heritage as a resource;
  • creation of eight new sustainable tourist destinations in MED space based on the culinary heritage;
  • common transnational strategy on managing and planning culinary tourism in MED space.