When & where

The project MEDFEST is being impelmented in eight Mediterranean countries (Slovenia, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Cypar) in which over three years of the project duration the activities will involve performing a study which will inform a common strategy on the integration of culinary heritage in the sustainable development of MED territories. To validate this strategy pilot testing will be performed allowing the strategy to be tested in a regional/local context. The main aim will be to design new sustainable culinary heritage experiences, following the common strategy and to continually evaluate the strategy so it can be spread over the MED space or even beyond.

Since MED culinary heritage initiatives are generally unconnected, the project uses a unique approach with the aim of integrating MED culinary heritage into a sustainable tourist offer. The methodology in MEDFEST is based on participatory action planning, where three main types of stakeholders (producers, tourism organisations, policy makers) are involved and take responsibility for project's actions from the beginning until the end to ensure the durability of the results.


Project duration: 01/11/2016 - 31/10/2019

Total budget: 2.218.473,66 EUR

Co-financing: 1.885.702,61 EUR