TESTING the "Mushrooms and wild herbs" in Spoleto, ITALY

In November, 2019 has been organized a testing event of the newly created "Mushrooms and wild herbs" culinary experience in Spoleto, Italy.

The 24th edition of the event " Mushrooms and wild herbs" took place last November. It was a new experience since several innovation were applied. The event took place in a new location, in the main square of the historical center of Spoleto, and all the small shops and restaurants in the area participated and supported the conference-fair. The restaurants offered for the very first time during the event mushrooms and wild herbs menus and dishes and in all the front store windows mushrooms shaped objects and decorations were displayed. A fair with typical products producers, including exhibitors offering mushrooms, was organized and several activities dedicated to children and adults were available. As never before the natural resources focused on the event were presented as local culinary attractions. 

After this experience for the first time contacts were made with tour operators specialized in gastronomic tours to create tourism packages that include the event. Additional steps were taken in order to enhance the status and visibility of the event as regional and national cultural and gastronomic attraction.