TESTING the "From Farm to Fork" in Istria, CROATIA

The official presentation and testing of the improved gastronomic experience incorporated in an innovative tourist - gastronomic package „FROM FARM TO FORK" was held on the 23rd of May 2019 in Pazin - Istria, Croatia.

The testing event of the AZRRI's pilot activity "FROM FARM TO FORK", was held on the 23rd of May 2019, at the Educational Gastronomic Center of Istria, located on the historically and culturally significant place, the Gortan hill near Pazin. Specific tourist package „FROM FARM TO FORK" contains original and diversified experiences deeply connected with the Istrian heritage, which is the right answer to seasonality and can become a predisposition to sustainable tourism development. The main aim of the developed gastronomy package is to present Istrian culinary heritage revealed through the gastronomic valorization of autochthonous breeds. 

The gastronomic experience is designed in a way that tourists/visitors start their one-day culinary tour at Gortan Hill in Pazin so the testing event started with the story about the history of the Istrian cattle and the gastronomy heritage of Istria. The participants of the event had the opportunity to interactively participate in the process of testing the tourist product, visit the farm of Istrian cattle - boškarin and taste the prepared delicacies based on the local Istrian products. Local chefs Robert Perić and David Skoko have presented creations on the plates based on meat from the Istrian cattle - boškarin and Istrian donkey - Tovar supplemented with ecological products of Istria.

On the testing event had participated the optimal number of testers which included the local stakeholders from the tourism and agriculture sector, the tour operators and tourist agencies, the representatives of the hospitality sector and the participants from the private sector. The most important result of the testing event is that the tour operators, the ones who could offer this kind of experience/package in the future, were provoked and a lot of contacts was made by the event.