SDG 12 “Sustainable Consumption and Production”: the One Plan for One Planet 5 Year Strategy 2018-2022

One Planet Network features among its initiatives the Sustainable Tourism Programme, that aims at promoting the sustainability of the tourism sector and its impact in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Projects of the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism Community as COASTING, DestiMED and CONSUME-LESS are working in the same direction of the One Planet Network- Sustainable Tourism Programme.

(Rome, 11 February 2019) Sustainable tourism cannot exist without sustainable use of the destinations’ natural sources. They constitute “the basic inputs for the goods, services and infrastructure we all use, from the local to the global scale”, states the One Planet Network 5 year strategy 2018-2022, a United Nations supported platform for Sustainable Development Goal 12 “Responsible Production and Consumption (SCP)”. This assessment is so utterly accurate and essential for the tourism sector, which is closely related to these three aspects. Ensuring SCP constitutes “one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to achieve economic development, reduce impacts on the environment and advance human well-being” as stated in the strategy, and would consequently secure that tourism can serve as a strategic driver for a sustainable and responsible growth and prosperity, especially in the Mediterranean region.

This strategy aims at ensuring the common vision and objectives towards Sustainable Development Goal 12, including sustainable tourism. This goal is illustrated by the 10-Year Framework of Programmes, which “steers the tourism sector towards enhanced sustainability by reducing the loss of biodiversity, preserving ecosystems and cultural heritage, while advancing poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood.” Adopting SCP within the tourism sector would allow for better environmental impacts and enhanced economic performances.

As tourism represents one of the main economic sector in the world, inclusion of a wide variety of stakeholders is key to a more sustainable and responsible tourism. This is highlighted by both the strategy and the sustainable tourism programme. This is also done within the MED Sustainable Tourism Community through projects like COASTING, DestiMED, as well as addressing sustainable consumption through projects such as CONSUME-LESS.

Discover more on the Sustainable Tourism Programme here and on the overall strategy here.

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