MEDFEST's Local Showcase - AZRRI

MEDFEST's Local Showcase organized at Educational Gastronomy Centre in Croatia, Pazin - Gortanov Brijeg.

On March 26th and 27th a two-day Showcase (WP2) was organized by AZRRI with the aim of exchanging know-how and innovations in gastronomy and sustainable tourism. The concept of the two-day showcase was to jointly find innovative and multidisciplinary tourism and gastronomy solutions and to make them more sustainable and more off seasonal. The event was led by the awarded gastronomy expert and chief Emanuele Scarello with the coordination of AZRRI.
The conclusion of the involved key actors from both agricultural and tourism sector was that only traceable and added value local products are the future of gastronomy and that maximum effort must be focused on the consumers' confidence.