COMMUNITY EVENT: COMMUNITY BUILDING AND CAPITALISATION WORKSHOP will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 27-28 March 2018.

This workshop is is a continuation of the The second capitalisation event of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community which was held in Marseille, France. After the workshop held in Marseille from 20-22 November 2018, all the representatives of the project of the community have participated in creating the 1st draft policy sheet. The policy factsheet is about of the following themes on which the participants of the working groups have been worked:

  1. Monitoring the sustainability of tourism: what are the knowledge gaps of policy-making processes? How to bridge the data gaps on tourism?
  2. Reducing the environmental-cultural-social impacts of tourism in the Mediterranean region
  3. Tourism as a strategic driver for a sustainable and responsible economic growth and prosperity in the Mediterranean region
  4. Governance mechanisms to engage and to include a wide variety of stakeholders in a more sustainable and responsible tourism.

On the MED Sustainable Tourism workshop#2 (Dubrovnik, 27-28 March 2019) will be discussed the created draft policy sheets.