• Assessment criteria for identifying sustainable MED culinary heritage experiences

  • Mapping of sustainable MED culinary heritage experiences

  • Actors & factors: qualitative analysis of successful culinary heritage practices





UNWTO News Special Edition of the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, Issue 1

The presentation of the project MEDFEST- MED Culinary heritage experiences: how to create sustainable tourist destinations! All important information's about the project are in this video.

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MEDFEST Culinary heritage experiences: how to create sustainable tourist destinations

MEDFEST aims to tackle the problem of undeveloped rural hinterland of the Mediterranean space using the untapped potential of the rich culinary heritage of the area recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of great value by the UNESCO. The project will result in the making of new sustainable tourism, gastronomy and culture products simultaneously safeguarding the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean for future generations. 
MEDFEST is a transnational project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project background


- food as the main rural cultural & asset

- recognized by the local communuties as a developmental asset (tourism)
- later recognized as a social asset (empowerment, intergenerational dialogue)


Questions that we will answer:

1. WHAT are sustainable culinary experiences; WHERE are they in MED space; HOW they promote sustainability?

2. HOW TO integrate culinary heritage in sustainable development (+ testing of it in 8 pilot sites across MED)




M€ total budget


Project duration