MEDFEST - Culinary heritage experiences: how to create sustainable tourist destinations

MEDFEST project is being implemented in eight Mediterranean countries (Slovenia, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus) with the general objective to create and improve existing strategies relating to sustainable tourism development within the traditional MED small-scale culinary sector.




Gastronomy and Tourism Success Stories in the Mediterranean

Our stories are the stories of flavours and fragrances of Mediterranean. They are the stories of smells and tastes of food that has passed from generation to generation and contain the traditions, the celebrations, the happiness and the wisdom of many generations, which were kept intact from the time, the industrialization, the globalization and the new life style.

This publication is a product of all the efforts that have been made and their results. It gives light to some unexplored rural areas, most of them untouched by mass tourism, and promotes the uniqueness in their gastronomy as a part of the cultural heritage.


Strategy for the planning of sustainable culinary experiences

Strategy for the planning of sustainable culinary experiences presents development scenarios for creating or improving culinary experience, guidelines for preparing action plans, some aspects on capacity building activities, and recommendations learn.

In our vision this strategy will be used as a helpful tool for promoting the utilisation of traditional knowledge, local agriculture production and local consumption to create or enhance sustainable culinary tourist attractions away from the traditional “sun, sea & sand” destinations. Moreover, we wish to reinforce Mediterranean identity among locals and their benefit from the economic and social impacts of culinary tourism.




Sustainable gastronomy experiences of the Mediterranean


The Mar and Munt Collection - FRANCE
Were is it...? Gastro routes - PORTUGAL
B2B for culinary providers - GREECE
Gastronomic Routes Menja't l'Alt Urgell - SPAIN
Unique Kras Carso Food Tour - SLOVENIA
From Farm to Fork - CROATIA
Mushrooms and wild herbs - ITALY
Honey Routes in Rural Larnca - CYPRUS

International Conference on Sustainable Food Tourism

MEDFEST project is organizing the International Conference on Sustainable Gastronomic Tourism on  5th of September 2019, in the Convent of Graça, Tavira, Portugal.                     


From 5th to 7th of September 2019, successfully was carried the final event and International conference on Sustainable Food Tourism of the MEDFEST project in Tavira, Portugal. With more the 140...

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) published guidelines for the Development of Gastronomy Tourism, developed in collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center (BCC). These guidelines are of particular...

On the 5th – 7th of June 2019, the first edition of the Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism Convention 2019 held in Barcelona, brought together 280 participants from 15 different countries, of which...


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